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The Fantastic Mr Feynman - BBC documentary, May 2013

Richard Feynman - No Ordinary Genius (full version, 95 minutes)

Feynman's 1984 lecture on Tiny Machines (79 minutes)

On the double split paradox: particle or wave? (56 minutes)

Richard Phillips Feynman - The Last Journey Of A Genius (full version, 54 minutes)

The best mind since Einstein - Richard Feynman biography (full version, 54 minutes)

The Challenger - BBC movie (full version, 89 minutes) - not available in UK

Richard Feynman - Los Alamos From Below (audio, 69 minutes)

The Character of Physical Law - The Messenger Series of Physics Lectures:

Fun to Imagine:

The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures:

Take the World from Another Point of View:

BBC Horizon 1964 - Strangeness Minus Three

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out:

The Distinction of Past and Future

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality 1

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality 2

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality 3

Quantum Mechanical View of Reality 4

Feynman on Wave Particle Duality

Joining the Challenger Commission

Evidence to the Challenger Commission

On computers (75 minutes)

Playing bongos

Freeman Dyson: a road trip with Richard Feynman

TEDxCaltech - Scott Aaronson - Physics in the 21st Century: Toiling in Feynman's Shadow

Remembering Feynman (76 minutes)

From the film Infinity: opening scene; maths contest; full film



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